School: Alegre

Assistant: Andrew Morris

Date of activity/Project: February 2017

Number of students: 6 per group

Level of risk: 0 (no risk)

Title of activity/Project: Jeopardy

Duration: 30 minutes approx per group

Session Aims: The aim of the session was for students to have fun playing a game

whilst also speaking English

Description: The game is based loosely on the American Tv gameshow Jeopardy. It

works like this; I will make a table on the board with 6 columns. The first 5 columns will

be headed by different topics, for example: Sports, Geography, USA Trivia,

Uncountable or Countable nouns and Name three. Then below each header will be 6

boxes numbered from 100 – 600 in decreasing order. Finally the 6 th column will be

titled Total and is only used to keep a running total of each team’s score.

Once the table is created, the students split into two groups. They must then take

turns to throw a paper ball at the board and answer questions relating to the topic

column and the number on which it falls. The questions are ranked in difficulty from

100 to 600. The 100 point questions being the easiest. If the thrower answers correctly

on his or her own, their team gains the whole point value, but if they need help from

their team then only half points are rewarded. If the thrower answers incorrectly then

the opposite team has the chance to answer for half points. The winning team is the

one with most points after the end of the game or when the lesson comes to an end.

Conclusions/feedback: I felt that this was a fun game. All students of all levels seem

to enjoy it and it is fun to see the competitive spirits come out of the teams.

Resources and Information sources: Here is a link to some of the Jeopardy categories

that I have used (

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